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curationexperts/riiif 38

IIIF image server in ruby

iiif-prezi/osullivan 27

IIIF Presentation API for Ruby

duke-libraries/devise-remote-user 14

A devise extension for remote user authentication

IIIF/training 13

Documentation and workshop materials for IIIF training

cbeer/openseadragon-rails 7

OpenSeadragon assets and helpers for Rails.

geoblacklight/geo_monitor 4

A Rails engine for monitoring geo webservices

datatogether/dataset_registries 3

Tracking the design and implementation of the metadata registries we will use to track rescued datasets

Maphackathon/data-sets 2

This repository is for data-sets to support the Early Modern Thames Maphackathon on February 11th-12th, 2017


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Jack Reed

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Better debugging in extracting thumbs

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Jack Reed

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Update new files add back 0023

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Jack Reed

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Add back previous thumb for 0079

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Jack Reed

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Merge pull request #1 from the-iagd/updates Updates for paper presentation

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