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mehan jayasuriya mehan Mozilla portland, OR

mozilla/MOSS-Directory 19

A listing of people and projects involved in the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program

MozillaFoundation/NSF-WINS-Getting-Started 6

Getting started guide for the NSF WINS challenges

mehan/hip-hop-misogyny-stats 5

Stats on the use of misogynistic terms in hip-hop songs

mehan/open-paths-heatmap 5

Uses NodeJS and heatmap.js to create an HTML5/canvas heatmap from Open Paths location data.

mehan/mememaker 3

A simple Node.js app that creates image macros by overlaying user-inputted text on top of images.

mehan/based-poetry 2

A Python script for creating poems from lyrics scraped from the web and then posting them to a Tumblr account.

mehan/yeezy-myself-and-i 2

Ruby poetry bot that generates poems using Kanye West lyrics.

mehan/based-poetry-2.0 1

Based Poetry, rewritten in Ruby

mehan/chopper-chopper 1

A simple Python program for randomly generating poems from a corpus of text using a keyword.

mehan/resume 1

HTML and CSS files for my résumé/CV


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