Martin Smith mdsmith Menlo Park, CA

mdsmith/MatMulLibCpp 2

OpenCL accelerated Matrix Multiply Library in C++

mdsmith/MatMulLibPy 2

A library for fast Matrix Multiplication in Python, with OpenCL acceleration.

dalexander/PRmm 1

PulseRecognizer minus minus

mdsmith/CodonAligner-Validation 1

For testing and quantifying the advantages of a codon aligner in 454 sequences.

mdsmith/dot_files 1

my very basic dot_files

mdsmith/hyphy 1

HyPhy: Hypothesis testing using Phylogenies

mdsmith/MLEpyOCL 1

using pyOpenCL to accelerate a model of MLE

mdsmith/MulMulLibCpp 1

Multiple multiplication (e.g. exponentiation and maximum likelihood) library accelerated with OpenCL

mdsmith/OCLHYPHY 1

OCL implementation of the maximum likelihood calculation.

mdsmith/OCLhyphyTree 1

OpenCL implementation of HYPHY's Maximum Likelihood loops

fork mdsmith/deepconsensus

DeepConsensus uses gap-aware sequence transformers to correct errors in Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) Circular Consensus Sequencing (CCS) data.

fork in 3 months