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Michael Alan Dorman mdorman Ironic Design, Inc. Durham, NC

nix-community/emacs2nix 20

Automatically generate Nix expressions for Emacs packages

mdorman/couch-schema 5

Schema files for validating CouchDB return values

mdorman/couch-simple 4

A lightweight modern Haskell client for CouchDB

mdorman/org-blog 4

Create and manage a blog using org-mode

mdorman/beets-userrating 1

A ratings plugin for beets

mdorman/Dancer-Plugin-DataFormValidator 1

Form validation plugin for dancer

mdorman/Memcached-Client 1

All-singing, all-dancing Perl client for Memcached

mdorman/Module-Build-Service 1

A Module::Build subclass for running services in support of automated or interactive testing

mdorman/ZMQ-AnyEvent 1

Easy construction and use of asynchronous ZeroMQ sockets

mdorman/cabal2nix 0

Generate Nix build instructions from a Cabal file

created tagmdorman/org-blog


Create and manage a blog using org-mode

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push eventmdorman/org-blog

Michael Alan Dorman

commit sha 38758ec9326b7bf5adfe9a3692e8cb3b9867a325

Get org from gnu, not org, and not org-plus-contrib

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