mckamey/countdownjs 450

A simple JavaScript API for producing an accurate, intuitive description of the timespan between two Date instances.

mckamey/jsonml 176

JsonML-related tools for losslessly converting between XML/HTML and JSON, including mixed-mode XML.

mckamey/cssuseragent 82

Automatically adds User Agent CSS classes to the document allowing variations for specific browsers without resorting to CSS hacks.

mckamey/konami-js 43

Lightweight key sequence easter eggs in JavaScript

mckamey/ 17

EXIF & XMP Utility Libraries for .NET

mckamey/ 11

WebFeeds: Unified RSS / RDF / Atom Feed Library for .NET

mckamey/offline-js 10

Offline data cache

mckamey/jquery.lscache 8

lscache jQuery plugin

mckamey/jsonfx-v1 3

JsonFx.NET v1: the JSON-savvy Ajax framework for ASP.NET