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Matthieu Bontemps mbontemps KNP Labs Switzerland

Herzult/SimplePHPEasyPlus 1106

A simple, pragmatic numeric operation api written in PHP. It does addition.

mbontemps/rename 2

Quick php script to rename files and contents. Uses the different forms of the string (camelcase…)

stloyd/KnpBundles 2

THE unofficial listing of Symfony2 bundles.

mbontemps/KnpBundles 1

THE unofficial listing of Symfony2 bundles.

mbontemps/php-git-repo 1

Provide an object oriented wrapper to run any Git command. For PHP 5.2 and 5.3.

pilot/AmazonS3Viewer 1

Amazone S3 images viewer

poska/portfolio 1

Portfolio of Studio Poska's frontend developer

mbontemps/AvalancheSitemapBundle 0

SitemapBundle Reloaded