mbenkmann/limux-gosa 17

GOsa² is a web based adminstration tool for user accounts, groups, servers, clients, and many other things.

mbenkmann/goformat 12

Alternative to gofmt with configurable formatting style (indentation etc.)

mbenkmann/pydance 4

Import from SVN

mbenkmann/dhcptool 3

dhcptool allows you to craft your own, custom DHCP request packets.

mbenkmann/bindings 2

Go language (golang) bindings for C libraries

mbenkmann/snb2txt 2

Convert Samsung S-Note .snb files to markdown text files.

mbenkmann/netcat-openbsd 1

Debian's fork of OpenBSD's netcat with extra features

mbenkmann/ace 0

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

mbenkmann/aptly 0

aptly - Debian repository management tool

mbenkmann/assman 0

Management library (go lang) for audio and video assets for use with SDL

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print error message if config file could not be read (#58) thanks to mbenkmann

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Werner Punz

commit sha 36976f2ee9fe477cdf432da7fd7b3f6efb852126

devel (#62) * fixes an issue regarding detecting the phys address of xhci input devices * comment the uniq part this still needs further investigation about the incoming syntax

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Matthias S. Benkmann

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Merge branch 'devel' of into devel

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issue openedjgeumlek/MoltenGamepad

Merge devel into master

I don't think there's a reason for users to use the old code instead of the current one. Also people who just look at the project's documentation to check it out will get the wrong impression as they're looking at outdated versions.

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Fork of

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