Mahmoud Badry mbadry1 Cairo, Egypt A deep learning researcher, a .NET developer, and a good learner.

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This repository contains my personal notes and summaries on specialization courses. I've enjoyed every little bit of the course hope you enjoy my notes too.

mbadry1/CS231n-2017-Summary 1139

After watching all the videos of the famous Standford's CS231n course that took place in 2017, i decided to take summary of the whole course to help me to remember and to anyone who would like to know about it. I've skipped some contents in some lectures as it wasn't important to me.

mbadry1/Top-Deep-Learning 1035

Top 200 deep learning Github repositories sorted by the number of stars.

mbadry1/Trending-Deep-Learning 459

Top 100 trending deep learning repositories sorted by the number of stars gained on a specific day.

mbadry1/awesome-deep-vision 4

A curated list of deep learning resources for computer vision

mbadry1/FCIFayoum-Computer-architecture-2018 4

Computer architecture course materials for FCI Fayoum students

mbadry1/awesome-ocr 3

Links to awesome OCR projects

mbadry1/awesome-research 3

:seedling: a curated list of tools to help you with the research/life

mbadry1/Deep-Learning-Applications 3

This document contains some of deep learning applications that are already published in bussiness or research. It might be helpful for someone to check the state of deep learning or to get new ideas from the already created ideas.

mbadry1/FCIFayoum_Computer-architecture_2017 3

Computer architecture course materials for FCI Fayoum students


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started time in 3 months