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Max max-mironov @Microsoft @akvelon Russia, Ivanovo

patniko/detox-appcenter 61

Wix detox sample( with post clone script for App Center builds.

patniko/chain-react-2018-lessons 8

Lesson plan for Chain React 2018 Workshop

akvelon/akvelon-software-audit 4

Scalable compliance and security audit for modern development

patniko/function-appcenter-build 3

Automatically creates branch configurations for PR's and communicates status back to Github.

patniko/auto-distribution-function 2

Automatically rerelease builds using App Center and an Azure Function.

patniko/appcenter-github-app 1

Example of a Github app that provides PR checks for a CI system.

max-mironov/code-push 0

A cloud service that enables Cordova and React Native developers to deploy mobile app updates directly to their users’ devices.

max-mironov/easyjson 0

Fast JSON serializer for golang.


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