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mattupstate/ansible-tutorial 70

Example code for a tutorial on using Ansible for setup and deployment of a Flask/WSGI application on Ubuntu

localprojects/Change-By-Us 55

A new way to share ideas, do projects, and make our cities better

mattupstate/asylum 11

An experimental Access Control library

mattupstate/cubric 7

Cubric allows you to easily create servers, configure servers and deploy WSGI applications on Amazon EC2 or Rackspace Cloud Servers using Fabric and Cusine

mattupstate/AS3-Toolkit 6

A collection of goodies for developing ActionScript 3 applications

mattupstate/docker-devpi-web 3

devpi-web Docker image

mattupstate/ansible-role-lua 2

Configures and installs Lua software

mattupstate/dotfiles 2

My dotfiles (bash, git, slate, etc.)

mattupstate/cubric-example 1

An example application that can be deployed to EC2 or Rackspace Cloud Servers using Cubric


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