Matthew Colter matthewkastor Atropa Inc. Intl. Michigan US Citizen and Software Developer (SDET), with extensive experience in automated software testing.

matthewkastor/atropa-jasmine-spec-runner-generator-html 2

Generates Jasmine Spec Runner html pages for browser based JavaScript tests.

matthewkastor/atropa-jslint 2

A node module wrapper for jslint.

matthewkastor/atropa-CreateHtmlDocumentsFromXmlhttp 1

Creates HTML DOM Documents from an XMLHttpRequest objects response text.

matthewkastor/atropa-Exists 1

Utilities for checking the existence of files and folders using node.

matthewkastor/ace 0

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

matthewkastor/array-trim 0

JavaScript module for trimming empty values from an array. Empty values are '', undefined, null, [], {}, and objects with no enumerable properties.

matthewkastor/atropa-ArgsInfo 0

A sort of type checker for JavaScript functions.

matthewkastor/atropa-arrays 0

JavaScript utilities for handling arrays.

matthewkastor/atropa-Babbler 0

A highly customizable random text generator in JavaScript.

matthewkastor/atropa-cmd 0

Utilities for executing commandlines on node

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It is extremely rude to solicit me like this. My contact info is available. You don't need to file bugs on my code for this. $2000 USD and I'll write the script.


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