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mattdfloyd/bootstrap 1

HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter

mattdfloyd/codeigniter-action-mailer 1

Extends the CodeIgniter mail library to behave like Rails' ActionMailer

mattdfloyd/animate.css 0

A cross-browser library of CSS animations. As easy to use as an easy thing.

mattdfloyd/ArtisanExtended 0

A heap of commands for an extended artisan experience.

mattdfloyd/bootstrap-select 0

A custom select for @twitter bootstrap using button dropdown

mattdfloyd/chef-client 0

Development repository for Opscode Cookbook chef-client

mattdfloyd/chef-gluster 0

Chef cookbook for deploying Gluster

mattdfloyd/CloseOtherWindows_SublimePlugin 0

Sublime-Text Plugin for Closing all windows except current window.

mattdfloyd/CodeIgniter 0

EllisLab's Open Source PHP Framework


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Update variable name

Changes kebab case variable name to camel case since PHP doesn't like kebabs 🍢🐫

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Highlight code blocks with league/commonmark and Shiki

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