Marcin Zielinski marzelin Brawado Nowy Sacz Web developer, open source contributor

marzelin/convert-tsconfig-paths-to-webpack-aliases 17

Utility package to convert typescript paths notation to webpack aliases.

marzelin/codingame 4

A starter template for solving codingame challenges with typescript powers

marzelin/10-javascript-frameworks 0

Comparison of 10 frontend JavaScript frameworks

marzelin/babel 0

:tropical_fish: Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

marzelin/babel-plugin-preval 0

Pre-evaluate code at build-time

marzelin/binary-search 0

Recursive implementation of binary search

marzelin/block-sync 0

synchronously blocks a thread

marzelin/callbag-pipe 0

👜 Utility function for plugging callbags together in chain