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Martin Trojer martintrojer London, UK

martintrojer/frinj 139

Practical unit-of-measure calculator DSL for Clojure / ClojureScript

martintrojer/pipejine 59

Flexible, Safe and Simple Multi-Consumer/Producer Clojure Pipelines

martintrojer/go-tutorials-core-async 58

Some go tutorials converted to core.async

martintrojer/datalog 54

contrib.datalog brought back to life

martintrojer/cljs-nodejs-coreasync-bootstrap 30

Scaffold setup for some ClojureScript, node.js, core.async action

martintrojer/frins 15

A practical unit-of-measure calculator DSL for Scala

martintrojer/devbox-docker 7

Development environments in docker containers

martintrojer/edn-scala 6

An EDN format reader/writer for Scala

martintrojer/clojure-coreclr 5

Clojure running on the CoreCLR