Martin Svalin martinsvalin Stockholm, Sweden

martinsvalin/html_entities 73

Elixir module for decoding HTML entities.

DevL/good_times 44

Expressive and easy to use datetime functions in Elixir.

barsoom/ex-remit 18

A self-hosted web app for commit-by-commit code review, written using Phoenix LiveView.

martinsvalin/advent_of_code 4

Everybody's doing it! It's the Advent of Code 2015. Get it while it's hot.

martinsvalin/Codemocracy 2

A rails 3 app for, a site for a democracy/open data hackathon

martinsvalin/MyTraining 2

A rails app for logging company health activities, created during Lab Days at work.

martinsvalin/advent_of_code_2016 1

Contribute your solutions to Advent of code 2016! All languages welcome!

martinsvalin/blobgame 1

A blob-eat-blob kind of game, written in Elm

martinsvalin/bootstrap 1

HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter

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comparing frontend languages and frameworks

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