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martinmarinov/TempestSDR 797

Remote video eavesdropping using a software-defined radio platform

martinmarinov/rtl_tcp_andro- 225

rtl_tcp and libusb-1.0 port for Android modified to support opening devices from Linux file descriptors

martinmarinov/AndroidDvbDriver 110

Android driver framework for USB TV tuners

martinmarinov/snowstorm 4

Beautiful physics based snow simulation in pure Java 7 with AWT. No dependencies just download and run!

martinmarinov/AATMEGA644PandSi4703 2

FM Radio with Atmel ATMEGA644P, IC FM board Si4703 and a Nokia LCD Display

martinmarinov/ArduinoTemperatureSensorDecoder 2

Allows decoding of some 433MHz wireless temperature and humidity sensors

martinmarinov/HonProj 1

Honors Project

martinmarinov/CommuteMaps 0

Commute travel map generation for public transport

issue commentmartinmarinov/AndroidDvbDriver

DVB-T2 - Which hardware?

I think the one you have linked should work.


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issue commentmartinmarinov/AndroidDvbDriver

DVB-T2 - Which hardware?

From readme:

  • RTL2832 with tuner chip R828D (DVB-T2 support for MN88473 and MN88472 devices)
  • MyGica (Geniatech) T230C

The RTL2832 sticks are easier to find but are not as sensitive from my experience. This is a typical one


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issue closedmartinmarinov/AndroidDvbDriver

DVB-T2 - Which hardware?

Hello everyone. Which USB TV Receiver should I buy for DVB-T2 support? Thanks in advance for any help.

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