Mark Riseley markriseley London, UK

markriseley/courseragettingdata 0

Week 3 course project submission

markriseley/d3vennR 0

R htmlwidget for d3.js venn diagrams from Ben Frederickson (@benfred)

markriseley/datasciencecoursera 0

Datascience coursera class work

markriseley/datasharing 0

The Leek group guide to data sharing

markriseley/dcStockR 0

R bindings for dc.js, powered by htmlwidgets

markriseley/dplyr 0

Dplyr: A grammar of data manipulation

markriseley/ExData_Plotting1 0

Plotting Assignment 1 for Exploratory Data Analysis

markriseley/googlesheets 0

Google Spreadsheets R API

markriseley/haven 0

Read SPSS, Stata and SAS files from R

markriseley/loryR 0

lory slider htmlwidget