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Marcus Phillips marcusphillips Hack Reactor San Francisco

marcusphillips/boundjs 59

Hyper-compatible view bindings

marcusphillips/react 32

Easy-rerender templating language

marcusphillips/match.js 4

Readable Expressions for JavaScript

marcusphillips/LanguageFundamentals 2

An introduction to the language of JavaScript by way of vague recollections and hasty (not thorough or detailed) unit tests.

marcusphillips/loadrunner 2

Simple, flexible and sane JavaScript loader and build tool for browsers.

marcusphillips/make_cache.js 2

A library for creating generic cache objects

marcusphillips/module.js 2

Helper tools for making configurable JavaScript libraries

marcusphillips/todomvc 2

MV* Todo apps for Backbone.js, JavaScriptMVC, Ember.js, Dojo, Spine.js, YUILibrary, Knockout.js and more

boundjs/ 1

Hyper-compatible view bindings