mansemino/Arctium 2

World of Warcraft emulator source

mansemino/ArctiumSnifferBrowser 2

Basic browser for sniffer dump files. More info into readme.txt

mansemino/SzimatSzatyor 1

World of Warcraft (WoW): SzimatSzatyor is an injector sniffer written in C++

mansemino/AnotherArctiumSniffer 0

Just another Arctium Sniffer. For 5.3.x & 5.4.x x86 clients

fork mansemino/HTML5-bingo

A bingo board for mobile and desktop

fork in 3 months

issue commentOpenEmu/OpenEmu

Multi language support

One way to select custom language for NDS games is by using cheat codes. Just create a new cheat code and use the following code according to your language:

  • English: 22FFFCE4 00000001
  • French: 22FFFCE4 00000002
  • German: 22FFFCE4 00000003
  • Italian: 22FFFCE4 00000004
  • Spanish: 22FFFCE4 00000005

Tested for spanish language in european/multi language games. Hope it helps.


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