Madelyn Eriksen madelyneriksen @Stodge-Inc Los Angeles 👩‍💻 Dev from Southwest USA 🌱 Houseplants 🐍 Python ☕ Javascript 🌈

madelyneriksen/gatsby-starter-tyra 64

Tyra - Feminine Gatsby Starter optimized for SEO

madelyneriksen/react-django-goodstuff 7

A template for modern, full-stack web applications

madelyneriksen/codebywomen 5

A collection of awesome programming blogs run by women.

madelyneriksen/gatsby-starter-jetset 4

Jetset - A Gatsby.js "Coming Soon" Page Starter

madelyneriksen/cookiecutter-cherrypy 2

A short and sweet template for CherryPy, Jinja2, and PeeWee ORM.

madelyneriksen/cookiecutter-python-goodstuff 1

Python Goodstuff - Python Project Boilerplate [WIP]

madelyneriksen/cookiecutter-simple-pypackage 1

A simple, pip installable Python template. Support for Pytest, Pycodestyle, and Pylint included.

madelyneriksen/dashml 1

Composable Python functions to generate HTML

madelyneriksen/gtree 1

Git aware wrapper for Tree, written in pure Python

madelyneriksen/ 1

My personal website and web log.


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