Maciej Kasprzyk maciej-ka remote Web developer for 15 years. Open source contributor from time to time.

maciej-ka/24pullrequests 0

:christmas_tree: Giving back little gifts of code for Christmas

maciej-ka/Aeryn 0

Server to invite new contributors to a GitHub organization team.

maciej-ka/apidaze-js 0

APIdaze JavaScript API

maciej-ka/babel 0

:tropical_fish: Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

maciej-ka/babel-plugin-react-intl 0

Extracts string messages from React components that use React Intl.

maciej-ka/babel-plugin-transform-es2017-object-entries 0

Babel plugin for transforming ES2017 features Object.entries and Object.keys

maciej-ka/capybara-fill-many 0

Fill_in sequence of fields in capybara.

maciej-ka/charts 0

Simple, responsive, modern SVG Charts with zero dependencies:

maciej-ka/codesandbox-client 0

An online code editor tailored for web application development 🏖️