Alex MacCaw maccman Clearbit San Francisco Clearbit CEO

maccman/abba 1325

A/B testing framework

maccman/bowline 641

Ruby/JS GUI and Binding framework (deprecated)

maccman/ace 467

Sinatra for Node

maccman/acts_as_recommendable 326

Collaborative Filtering for Rails

maccman/book-assets 309

Files for the O'Reilly book JavaScript Web Applications

maccman/aristo 249

CSS3 version of Aristo

maccman/catapult 144

A Sprockets/Rack build tool

maccman/bowline-twitter 112

Bowline Twitter client

addyosmani/spine.bitly 39

(Demo app) A Spine.js client for shortening URLs and archiving references to these links offline.

maccman/bowline-desktop 29

wxWidgets/Ruby/Webkit framework for Bowline apps


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