Lee Zamparo lzamparo Toronto, ON Computational biologist versed in machine learning.

kipoi/kipoi 199

Kipoi's model zoo API

kundajelab/atac_dnase_pipelines 146

ATAC-seq and DNase-seq processing pipeline

kipoi/models 135

Model zoo for genomics

kundajelab/av_scripts 3

A place to track my scripts with git.

lzamparo/DNAbarcodes 3

Simple generator of DNA barcodes for sequencing experiments

kundajelab/momma_dragonn 1

Flexible deep learning framework

lzamparo/AML_ATAC 1

Analyzing the ATAC-seq data from Eirini & Tiansu's AML development model

lzamparo/crisprML 1

Library design for CRISPr screen

17shasvatj/DanQ 0

A hybrid convolutional and recurrent neural network for predicting the function of DNA sequences

lzamparo/allennlp-demo 0

code for

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Vladimir Kiselev

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parametrize the script for future use

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Lee Zamparo

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Merge pull request #1 from wikiselev/master parametrize the script for future use

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PR merged lzamparo/DNAbarcodes

parametrize the script for future use

Add parameters to the script to be able to reuse it without changing the script itself. The script can be now used like:

python all_barcodes_shuffled.txt selected_barcodes.txt 20000 12 0.25 0.75 2
+9 -5

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