Luqman Aden luqmana @Microsoft Seattle, Washington

luqmana/rust-opencl 163

OpenCL bindings for Rust.

luqmana/rust-psp-hello 71

Simple Hello World in Rust to run on a PSP.

luqmana/rhythmbox-plugins 51

Porting various Rhythmbox plugins to work with the new plugin api.

luqmana/gdax-client 27

Rust client library for Coinbase Exchange (GDAX).

luqmana/rray 8

Raytracer written in rust.

luqmana/mcchat 7

Fake client to get chat messages from minecraft (out-of-date).

luqmana/Pronto 7

Links freedesktop notifications to iOS app prowl.

luqmana/RemoteJoyPlus 5

Based on the original RemoteJoy by TyRaNiD with more stuff!

luqmana/llvm 3

Temporary fork of LLVM for Rust

luqmana/NowPlayingFile 1

A Rhythmbox plugin which simply outputs the currently playing track's information to a file. Based off of NowPlayingXML by kflorence. Updated to work with new plugin api.

pull request commentMicrosoftDocs/windows-powershell-docs

Update VPN IPsec custom policy powershell options.

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PR opened MicrosoftDocs/windows-powershell-docs

Update VPN IPsec custom policy powershell options.
  1. Document the existing GCMAES128/256 options for EncryptionMethod.
  2. Fix typo in value for IntegrityCheckMethod: SHA196 -> SHA1

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fork luqmana/windows-powershell-docs

This repo is used to contribute to Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and MDOP PowerShell module documentation.

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Luqman Aden

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Update for ggez 0.5.

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Luqman Aden

commit sha 31882d0ed361726e01ad8dd301f34775aa05bbea

Remove unnecessary casts.

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Luqman Aden

commit sha ac69350e9ec570ca61820fec0843a4c7cf35eae5

Update to 2018 edition.

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