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Luigi Poole luigiplr Victoria, Canada There are no bugs if the Repo is empty.

acidhax/chromecast-audio-stream 870

Stream your Windows PC's audio to the Chromecast

jaruba/PowderPlayer 554

Hybrid between a Torrent Client and a Player (torrent streaming) -

Ivshti/wcjs-prebuilt 40

Install pre-built WebChimera.js with bundled VLC for Electron

dloa/alexandria-docs 31

Install docs, issues and bug reports

AndrewMD5/InstagramUploader 29

Upload images to instagram without needing the app.

acidhax/streaming-media-encoder 16

Automatically encode media to a correct format for consuming protocol

dloa/alexandria-browser 12

Original OIP browsing UI. Outdated. See

dloa/alexandria-librarian-old 8

Alexandria's background process manager

dloa/alexandria-daemons 3

Binaries for the alexandria project, should be published on IPFS

dloa/paywall-web 3

Alexandria Payment Processor


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Luigi Poole

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