Lucas Stephanou lucasts Porto Alegre, Brasil

globocom/lig4 10

Lig4 is a board game brought to the web

globocom/async-pluct 3

A Python asyncio JSON Hyper Schema client that allows hypermedia navigation and resource validation.

lucasts/Async_Test 2

Basic tests against async implementantions like tornado, node.js, thin and twisted

lucasts/bistro_car 1

BistroCar serves up CoffeeScript from within your Rails application.

lucasts/client_side_validations 1

Rails 3 Client Side Validations

lucasts/devise_oauth2_authenticatable 1

devise extension to handle oauth2 (facebook graph) - works with Rails 3 and devise 1.1

lucasts/django-haystack 1

Modular search for Django. Currently v2.0.0-beta.

lucasts/javascript-node.tmbundle 1

TextMate bundle for node.js