Lucas Manuel Rodriguez lucasmrod Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires

danmar/cppcheck 3051

static analysis of C/C++ code

SpiderOak/flow-ldap 1

Python app that runs on Customer Infrastructure, enabling the use of Semaphor with Customer LDAP credentials.

SpiderOak/minio-go 1

Minio Client SDK for Go

lucasmrod/cppcheck 0

static analysis of C/C++ code

lucasmrod/docker-golang-musl 0

Docker container to build golang static binaries with musl instead of glibc

lucasmrod/go-sqlite3 0

sqlite3 driver for go using database/sql

lucasmrod/go-ykpiv 0

Golang interface to manage Yubikeys, including a crypto.Signer & crypto.Decrypter interface

lucasmrod/proposal 0

Go Project Design Documents