lotherk/Arma2MapConverter 3

Convert ArmA 2 2D Maps into SQF (3D Editor)

lotherk/zimilar 2

This small gem extends your shell to autocorrect inputs that would led in a 'command not found'.

lukrop/pass-file 2

A pass extension for adding arbitary files to the password store.

lotherk/logstash-input-snmp 1

SNMP Input Plugin for Logstash

lotherk/tmpl 1

Generates temp file via mkstemp(3) and writes output of PROGRAM to it. Optionally prints output to STDOUT instead of creating temp file.

lotherk/ttvdb 1

ruby TheTVDB API library - yes, another.

lotherk/aspias-zsh-theme 0

My zsh theme, based on the 'clean' theme

lotherk/bitu 0

BIke Technical Unit

lotherk/clibs 0

some code i use often

pull request commentdanitso/terraform-provider-proxmox

WIP: Add support for move and resize disk on clones

Alright. I managed to squeeze in some time to think :)

Let's proceed with your idea about naming the disks but let's perhaps call it interface instead of name, and have the argument remain optional as you're doing now.


I'd like to propose "bus" or "device" instead of "interface" as "interface" is mostly used in network context.

Keep up the good work guys :-)


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