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llpamies/ClusterDFS 26

Experimental Distributed File System

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Markdown plugin for TiddlyWiki wrapping TeXZilla parser

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Ceph is a distributed object, block, and file storage platform

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personal config files

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Easily serialize Data Classes to and from JSON

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a Jekyll generator for Impress.js presentations

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Personal Website

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Python client for Neovim

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Open-source keyboard firmware for Atmel AVR and Arm USB families

issue commentweteor/3W6

Interested in getting one V2

The build went perfect. Some notes:

  • JLCPCB didn't have the MCU, so I had to desolder if from a Pro Micro I had lying around (with a big hot air gun).
  • I didn't use the PCB plates in your production files, but I designed a single top-middle plate combo on onshape, and 3d printed it: (you can export .stl via export, when you right click on the part list).
  • I used sticky neoprene adhesive for the bottom plate.

Some pics (waiting on a shorter usb-c cable):

Thank you so much for sharing the design!!! It is the perfect keyboard for me!

Do you mind if I share the pics on r/ErgoMechKeyboards and link to your github?


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issue commentweteor/3W6

Interested in getting one V2

Thanks. I have finally ordered 5 of the v2.1 They didn't have the microcontroller in stock, which I will have to solder manually. I only got PCBs, since I am planning to 3d print plates and case. If the boards work, I could sell 3 of them if anyone is interested.


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issue openedweteor/3W6

Interested in getting one V2

I was trying to see if JLCPCB could make one, but they run out of TCA9535PWR... Have you managed to order some V2? I am interested in buying a couple for myself. Thanks!

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