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Lukas Kohlhase lkohlhase msg systems ag Nürnberg

kpj/LaTeXML_Bindings_WIP 2

Some bindings + tests for LaTeXML

lkohlhase/LaTeXML-Plugin-JATS 2

A plugin to allow LaTeXML to generate JATS, a document format used by journals, from normal TeX files.

jloutz/msgbot_backend 0

chatbot demo msg public sector

kohlhase/ 0

The web site

lkohlhase/Ex3sim 0

A java project to simulate combat in the RPG Exalted 3e.

lkohlhase/LaTeXML 0

LaTeXML is a TeX and LaTeX to XML translator.

lkohlhase/LaTeXML-Plugin-Webapp 0

This depository is for plugins to allow LaTeXML to generate webapps from LaTeX.