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Apple (#77) * sign-in-with-apple * apple-strategy * add docs; change key

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Checklist for new Strategies / Platforms

  • [x] Create a new strategy file
  • [ ] Add tests
  • Add it to the
    • [x] About
    • [x] <Platform> specific environment variables
    • [x] Endpoint
  • [x] Test locally with your account

I kinda don't get how to write test reliably. Gerhard would you be so kind to do it yourself?

It should be tested by someone else, because apple way of configuration is bizarre and brittle, docs are sparse and not consistent. I really don't want to break my own setup.

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create barnchlipp/next.js

branch : fix-env-file-order

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Read process.env after loading .env files

I think this relates to #13015


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issue commentzeit/next.js

Local environment variables do not overwriting stage environment variables

I think the order must just be reversed:


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add port (#63)

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PR merged lipp/login-with

Add port to rootURL

I've tried to run login-with on non default port and providers redirected me back without a port (where my non login server spins)

I added port and it just works...

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Will you merge "sign in with apple"?

Sure. Maybe you can make a PR?


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Gerhard Preuss

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