lightoze/gwt-i18n-server 38

A project to make GWT localization available on server side

lightoze/errbit-java 5

Error catcher for Java applications. Log4j logger included.

lightoze/jOOQ-extras-postgresql 3

jOOQ extras for PostgreSQL

lightoze/puppet-bacula 2

Manage Bacula backup system with Puppet

lightoze/httpbasic-proxy 1

Secure proxy for web pages with HTTP basic authentication

lightoze/activemq 0

Mirror of Apache ActiveMQ

lightoze/capacitor-plugins 0

Official plugins for Capacitor ⚡️

lightoze/cordova-plugin-background-mode 0

Keep app running in background

lightoze/docker-oidc-proxy 0

Docker Image built on Alpine Linux for secure OpenID Connect (OIDC) proxy authentication

lightoze/docker-postgresql 0

A dockerfile that produces a docker image that runs postgresql.

issue commentvaadin/flow

Support reproducible flow-build-info.json and stats.json

Looks like it's only jsModule and cssImports so #12431 should help. I remember stats.json being non-deterministic in the past but now with V21 it seems stable, at least for the test project.


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issue commentvaadin/flow

Support reproducible flow-build-info.json and stats.json

I've got back to this issue, tested with Vaadin 21.0.6, flow-build-info.json still seems to be randomly reordered after each build. When building to containers it forces a new set of layers to be created on each build, even when particular application in multi-module repository is unchanged.

For testing purposes I've created a test project which allows quickly deploying a test app into a Kubernetes cluster using Skaffold: After byte to byte comparison of images produces by a clean build it is seen that flow-build-info.json is the only file that differs between the builds.


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