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Patrick Lightbody lightbody New Relic Portland, OR

lightbody/browsermob-proxy 1699

A free utility to help web developers watch and manipulate network traffic from their AJAX applications.

lightbody/wpd-selenium 20

WebPerfDays Selenium Code

impressiver/harpoon 13

Webapp to store and analyze HAR files.

lightbody/browsermob-sep4j 13

Java utilities for running Selenium tests in parallel using Selenium Grid or Sauce Labs

lightbody/roadmapper 12

A simple tool to help manage software project roadmaps

lightbody/TimeCloud 6

TimeCloud is a JSON-enabled database of RRD databases

lightbody/able 2

Able is a modern Java web development stack

lightbody/closure-templates 2

Mirror of Google Closure Templates (Soy) w/ Maven support

lightbody/sitebricks 2

Sitebricks: A fast, light platform for web development.

issue openedHubSpot/slack-client

New release?

Last release was almost a year ago. We've been running off a fork of 0.12-SNAPSHOT, but all our contributions are merged and I'd love to depend on a regular 1.13 release :)

created time in 5 days

issue commentmicronaut-projects/micronaut-aws

Add support for Secret Manager for RDS instance


Currently we're using the distributed configuration feature to keep our database password and OAuth client secrets out of the config files. But the way the AWS Secrets Manager distributed config is written, the secret must be in a specific pattern, such as:

Secret named /config/myapp_prod/database:

  • datasources.default.password = str0ng_p@assword

In other words, the current integration asks you to store the secrets (name + kv pairs) in a Micronaut-friendly way. What you're asking for, given the rigidity of RDS's password rotation and secret storage solution, is for Micronaut to adapt to it rather than the other way around.

I would very much like support for this, or something like this :)


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