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Laura Graesser lgraesser Learning Machine Learning. Likes Python and C. Loves Deep Reinforcement Learning.

kengz/SLM-Lab 965

Modular Deep Reinforcement Learning framework in PyTorch. Companion library of the book "Foundations of Deep Reinforcement Learning".

kengz/openai_lab 317

An experimentation framework for Reinforcement Learning using OpenAI Gym, Tensorflow, and Keras.

kengz/awesome-deep-rl 259

A curated list of awesome Deep Reinforcement Learning resources.

anantzoid/Medical-Diagnosis-Learning 31

Learning from Discharge Summaries to extract mentioned diagnoses using Hierarchical Attention Model

lgraesser/Intro-to-Neural-Networks-O-Reilly-AI 18

Introduction to Neural Networks with Keras, O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference 2017, Tutorial

pratheeksh/Deep-Image-Search-Engine 18

A repository for our deep image search project for the course Search Engine Architecture at NYU Courant. (

lgraesser/Neural-Networks-Workshop-Materials-WiMLDS 14

Materials for Neural Networks Workshop, January 21 2017, WiMLDS

lgraesser/CNN-Tutorial 11

Convolutional Neural Networks Tutorial Materials, Jan 2018

lgraesser/LearnPythonNYC_NeuralNetTutorial 8

Materials for Intro to Neural Networks in Python tutorials, Learn Python NYC Meetup

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