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Leeward Bound leewardbound root @ NetProphet Consulting

leewardbound/hailwhale 45

i wrote an excellent, performant, redis-backed timeseries denormalization database (ala RRDTool) 5 years ago, but never documented it, but i still use it, it does neat tricks

leewardbound/django-chargify 2

Chargify Wrapper for the Django Framework

leewardbound/kashing 2

Model-based Redis caching for Rails 3

CoinbaseInc/manifest 1

Manifest for web apps

leewardbound/damn-py 1

Directory And Markup Nesting (... Dang, Another Markup Now?)

leewardbound/django-bootstrap 1

Django Form Implementation of the Twitter-Bootstrap UI

leewardbound/django-celery 1

Celery integration for Django

leewardbound/django-mediagenerator 1

Git clone of the official django-mediagenerator repo


Pull request review commentpion/ion-sdk-go

allow customization of gstreamer sink

 func runClientLoop(addr, session string) {  		codecName := strings.Split(track.Codec().RTPCodecCapability.MimeType, "/")[1] 		fmt.Printf("Track has started, of type %d: %s \n", track.PayloadType(), codecName)-		pipeline := gst.CreatePipeline(strings.ToLower(codecName))+		sink := "fakesink"+		switch track.Kind() {+		case webrtc.RTPCodecTypeAudio:+			sink = "autoaudiosink"+		case webrtc.RTPCodecTypeVideo:+			sink = "autovideosink"+		}+		pipeline := gst.CreatePipeline(strings.ToLower(codecName), "auto)

hey, thanks for the fix -- is this last line a typo? looks like there's opening quotes, but no closing quotes, what happened here?


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issue commentMetaFam/TheGame

[MyMeta] Profile Edit Page Design

Today we met with @davort @mquellhorst to discuss the UI/UX side of this and iterate on the flow - also accompanied by the new builders @tommymaher15 and @vidvidvid (the 3 of us new builders will likely pair up on these tickets for implementation)


  • @davort will finish the Hi-fidelity design for both Desktop and Mobile for the Edit Profile Page

  • We confirmed that the Edit Profile page is to fully replace the Onboarding Wizard - it doesn't make sense to have 2 different flows, it's unnecessarily complex, and the Wizard flow is already bug-laden (likely to get further-from-complete as more and more migration to IDX profiles is implemented)

  • Per @dysbulic suggestion above, we considered the implications of the various Profile fields that are really IDX fields (including Avatar, Username and City/Country/Timezone choosing) and some fields that we don't support yet but we have tickets to support soon (City/Country and Office Hours)

  • We will initially include a "Click here to edit your Self.ID profile" link on the Profile page, but because the UX of using a 3rd-party site is very clunky/unnatural, we expect this to be one of our top priorities (and most reported issues) when we introduce the "split-site profile editing" flow

  • We decided to include these fields in the "Wishlist Design", with all the devs in agreement/understanding that these "Wishlist" fields won't really be on our initial implementation (because they are handled via 3rd party site)

  • We builders will go ahead and build the UI for "Wishlist Design" (including the off-site IDX fields), but ultimately they will be "feature flagged", so the Wishlist fields are hidden until we have the backend support ready to adopt them, and then they can be "wired-up" and un-hidden


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issue commentMetaFam/TheGame

[MyMeta] Profile Edit Page Design

Hi, I spent some time with @mquellhorst working on #363 today, which ultimately we closed [in frustration] because the bug seems very nuanced with the way getMeQuery currently works, and it'll be fixed by the larger IDX migration, and this new Edit Profile page.

Michiel told me it would be a good-first-issue for me to work on building the frontend for this page, and he said to assign this ticket to myself - We recognize that @davort's designs above aren't fully completed due to the reasons discussed in this thread, but it seems like he gave a great starting point to begin building out the UI of the pages (even though the full UX flow will be blocked until IDX migration is complete). I hope to begin this within the next week-or-so, but I'll wait a few days first to see if there's any feedback.


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issue closedMetaFam/TheGame

[MyMeta] Editing skills doesn't appear to save changes, but actually does

If you e.g. add a skill and click the next button, then go back, the skill you just added is not there. Nor will it appear on your player card on the home page. Refreshing the page re-fetches the data and the next skill does show up.

Thus, skill changes are persisted to the database but not to the app state.

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issue commentMetaFam/TheGame

[MyMeta] Editing skills doesn't appear to save changes, but actually does

Worked on this today with @mquellhorst -- we tracked down the bug for an hour, identified the exact source of the problem (the "getMeQuery" is re-running on every form submission, except for this page, and we don't know why), and were unable to deduce a proper solution --

However, as this whole flow is going to be replaced by the new Edit Profile flow -- See #278 -- it seems it's not worth the effort to fix this on a page that will soon be phased out. Instead, I'm starting work on the frontend for the new unified Edit Profile page. Michiel has requested I close this ticket as "wont fix", thanks for the report!


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issue commentMetaFam/TheGame

[MyMeta] Editing skills doesn't appear to save changes, but actually does

@alalonde thank you for clarifying! I didn't understand I had to click the back button, I thought original ticket meant "and then go back [to the players page]" -- I have reproduced this on my local, I will try to look into it this week!


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issue commentMetaFam/TheGame

[MyMeta] Editing skills doesn't appear to save changes, but actually does

Unable to reproduce this issue in production environment -

  • I registered for my new profile upon joining the community

  • I set my skills to "Ops"

  • I visited the /players page to list all the players, and filtered to my timezone (so I could find myself!)

  • Then, I visited Edit Profile, and modified my skills (Removed Ops, added Python)

  • After saving my profile, I was redirected back to /players and selected my timezone again (and noticed that the Search spinner appeared again)

  • My profile appeared with the Python badge and no Ops badge.


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issue commentMetaFam/TheGame

[MyMeta] 404 after changing username

I wasn't able to reproduce this --

  • I set my player name to first and went to my profile at /player/first URL
  • I clicked in the upper right "Edit Profile"
  • I performed the first step of the profile editing, changed my name to second, and skipped the following steps (by clicking "next" until done)
  • Finally, I was redirected to the listing page /players -- not back to /player/first nor /player/second

Recommended we close this ticket!


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pull request commentpion/ion-sdk-go

Gstreamer send example

Looks great @TannerGabriel, thanks for the contribution :)


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