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Luis Casillas ldcasillas-progreso

ldcasillas-progreso/ansible-ganglia 0

Installs and configure the Ganglia monitoring system.

ldcasillas-progreso/cascading.avro 0

Cascading Scheme for the Apache Avro data serialization format

ldcasillas-progreso/cascading.solr 0

Cascading scheme for Solr

ldcasillas-progreso/debezium 0

Change data capture for a variety of databases. Please log issues in our JIRA at

ldcasillas-progreso/erd 0

Translates a plain text description of a relational database schema to a graphical entity-relationship diagram.

ldcasillas-progreso/gradle-docker-plugin 0

Gradle plugin for managing Docker images and containers.

ldcasillas-progreso/hadoop-docker 0

Hadoop docker image

ldcasillas-progreso/jeospatial 0

A geospatial point database library for Java

ldcasillas-progreso/kafka-ansible-vagrant 0

An Ansible script to setup a Vagrant VM with Kafka running. Useful as a jumping off point.

ldcasillas-progreso/kafka-ganglia 0

Kafka Ganglia Metrics Reporter