lbrndnr/ImagePickerSheetController 1456

ImagePickerSheetController replicates the custom photo action sheet in iMessage.

lbrndnr/LBYouTubeView 537

A MPMoviePlayerViewController subclass that can display YouTube videos.

lbrndnr/LBGIFImage 175

This is a small category that creates an animated UIImage out of a gif image.

lbrndnr/LBProgressBar 89

This is a custom subclass of NSProgressIndicator designed by Orman Clark (

lbrndnr/ImagePickerTrayController 68

The iOS 10 version of ImagePickerSheetController

lbrndnr/LBGradient 68

NSGradient for iOS

lbrndnr/LBActionSheet 48

A very customizable drop-in replacement for UIActionSheet

lbrndnr/LBAudioDetective 38

An audio fingerprinting library to compare audio signals

lbrndnr/LBSegmentedButton 32

This is a twitter-like button.

lbrndnr/MuseumGuide 21

A small framework that makes UIImage accessible


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