Lawrence Lomax lawrencelomax Facebook London, UK

lawrencelomax/LLReactiveMatchers 48

Expecta matchers for ReactiveCocoa

lawrencelomax/LLTableViewAdapter 12


lawrencelomax/LRLDataService 10

A Demonstration of (what I think to be) Good Practice for Remote Services

lawrencelomax/instruments-without-delay 4

Changes Apple's Instruments tool to remove the 1 second delay in UIAHost.performTaskWithPathArgumentsTimeout

lawrencelomax/ios-driver 2

Selenium server to test native, hybrid and web apps on IOS. Join us on IRC #ios-driver on freenode

lawrencelomax/LLBinaryOperators 2

Binary Enumeration Operators on NSArray. Fully unit tested

lawrencelomax/LLUnitTestDemo 2

A Unit Testing demo for Sydney Cocoaheads

lawrencelomax/android-async-http 1

An Asynchronous HTTP Library for Android

lawrencelomax/Cascadenik 1

Cascading Sheets Of Style for Mapnik

lawrencelomax/cwac-merge 1

CommonsWare Android Components: MergeAdapter