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Lauritz Hilsøe lauritzsh Copenhagen, Denmark MSc graduate from IT University of Copenhagen. Into web dev and functional programming languages. Doing some ML courses at the University of CPH now.

lauritzsh/pandoc-markdown-template 145

Markdown templates for Pandoc

lauritzsh/cryptomon 54

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Monitor

lauritzsh/reagent-shadow-cljs-starter 28

A minimal starter pack for Reagent-based projects

lauritzsh/fourchan-kit 3

A tool and API wrapper for 4chan

alfabetacain/fpinscala 0

Code, exercises, answers, and hints to go along with the book "Functional Programming in Scala"

lauritzsh/blog 0

Personal blog

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Lauritz Hilsøe

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Update to work with OTP 24

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Elixir client for the Kraken Bitcoin Exchange API

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Make sure webpack service runs last

Hey, apologize for not getting on this earlier, haven't been active all of July and August, just saw your notification now. I amended your message to the commit, haven't been able to test on another machine yet though.


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Lauritz Hilsøe

commit sha 5f2af93b0c80c45d215a296b9d5b21fc5436cdf0

Make sure webpack service runs last Certain OS / hardware combinations may result in services starting in a different order and if Webpack starts before the Web service then static files will get overwritten. The root cause is still unknown but this happened on multiple M1 Macs where as it didn't happen on non-M1 Macs, Windows and a few different native Linux boxes.

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Lauritz Hilsøe

commit sha 8b64f4fa3565f909fea92e0f5cad7e1c37b2ef8d


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