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After removing Telescope, cant work with my app. hot 4
Email verification 403 invalid signature. hot 4
Laravel 6 proc_open hot 4
compact with undefined variable breaks on PHP 7.3 hot 2
Schema Builder: Error when changing a column to a tinyInteger hot 2
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1215 Cannot add foreign key constraint hot 2
Eloquent Cast date H:i:s Unexpected data found hot 2
Declaration of Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\Assert::assertArraySubset($subset, $array, bool $checkForObjectIdentity = false, string $message = ''): void should be compatible with PHPUnit\Framework\Assert::assertArra ySubset($subset, $array, $strict = false, $message = '') hot 1
compact with undefined variable breaks on PHP 7.3 hot 1
phpunit error "must be a array or ArrayAccess" hot 1
[5.8] Issue with Pivot and SoftDeletes since #27571 hot 1
Email Verification invalid Domain in Email hot 1
Carbon throws error when PostgreSQL has removed trailing milliseconds hot 1
PHP 7.3 Compatibility Notice hot 1
Unbinding $this of closure is deprecated hot 1

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