lanceulmer/memory.lua 9

A simple way to keep track of objects in lua. Not only can each object destroy itself. Also all objects can be freed and cleaned at the same time. This is done with one line of code. Memory keeps track of the objects itself. This means an entire set of objects can be cleaned from an entirely separate file or location without knowing anything about the objects that are being cleaned.

lanceulmer/dollar.lua 4

A lua port of the JavaScript $1 Unistroke Recognizer

lanceulmer/moon.rb 4

Watches and compiles moon scripts with moonc.

lanceulmer/jubilo.lua 2

A tiny, functional lua testing framework.

lanceulmer/lualist 2

lualist is a very simple key-value list. (ported from jaylist)

lanceulmer/rotator 1

A Corona library that rotates a DisplayObject, but it does not limit itself to rotate around it's registration point, instead it can rotate the object around any point. The point is defined in the objects parent coodrinate system.

lanceulmer/transition.lua 1

100% coronaSDK compatible transition library with pause/resume functionality and transition groups

lanceulmer/.bash 0

My personal bash configuration

lanceulmer/.vim 0

My personal vim configuration

lanceulmer/athenapdf 0

Drop-in replacement for wkhtmltopdf built on Go, Electron and Docker