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Kushal Kumaran kushal-kumaran @VeritasOS

kushal-kumaran/PyPDF2 2

A utility to read an write pdfs with Python

kushal-kumaran/libvoyager 1

Connects you to your car's network

kushal-kumaran/pyPdf 1

Pure-Python PDF Library

kushal-kumaran/Sleuth 1

CAN/OBDII deep diagnostic tool

kushal-kumaran/VoyDemo 1

Demonstrates the use of libvoyager in an Activity

kushal-kumaran/AntennaPod 0

A podcast manager for Android

kushal-kumaran/davmail 0

Clone of the SVN version of davmail so I can make local changes

kushal-kumaran/dired-hacks 0

Collection of useful dired additions

kushal-kumaran/elfeed-protocol 0

Provide extra protocols to make like Fever, NewsBlur, Nextcloud/ownCloud News and Tiny Tiny RSS work with elfeed

kushal-kumaran/emacs-slack 0

slack client for emacs

issue openedwave-k8s/wave

redundant, possibly misleading content in sample role definition lists configmaps and secrets multiple times. The configmaps entries have identical verbs, but the secrets entries has a different set of verbs for one of the occurrences.


Which of these is the appropriate set of verbs? Does wave need update, patch, or delete access to the secrets?

created time in 3 days