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Vaibhaw krvaibhaw 5th dimension A passionate thinker, techno freak, comic lover, a curious student. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Linux, Web Development.

krvaibhaw/blockchain 8

Learn Blockchains by Building One, A simple Blockchain in Python using Flask as a micro web framework.

krvaibhaw/tic-tac-toe 5

AI based tic tac toe game that is impossible to win. Think you can beat a computer? Well, you can't.

krvaibhaw/Customer-Purchase-Predection 4

K-nearest classifier model for an e commerce website to predict whether a user intends to make a purchase or not and display different contents and offers accordingly, like discount offers or coupons, etc.

krvaibhaw/trecognizer 4

Using neural evolution of augmenting topologies developed a program based on computer vision for recognizing traffic lights in real time environment.

krvaibhaw/sentanceparser 3

Using context-free grammar formalism to parse English sentences to determine their structure to help computer to better understand the meaning of the sentence.

krvaibhaw/xsscrapy 3

XSS spider - 66/66 wavsep XSS detected

krvaibhaw/bitpass 2

A powerful password generator utility which utilizes the slot technique to generate strong passwords of required length having combinations of lower and upper characters, digits and symbols.

krvaibhaw/pagerank 2

A simple page rank program based on fact that a website is more important if it is linked to by other important websites using recursive mathematical expression and random surfer probability distribution.

krvaibhaw/wdcount 2

WdCount is a word counting utility tool which is helpful for counting total number of words in a given file.

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