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Kris Wallsmith kriswallsmith Freelance Developer & Consultant Portland, Oregon USA

kriswallsmith/assetic 3796

Asset Management for PHP

kriswallsmith/Buzz 1863

PHP's lightweight HTTP client

jwage/phpchunkit 247

PHPChunkit - PHPUnit test runner with test chunking capabilities.

kriswallsmith/FacebookBundle 33

Please use the FriendsOfSymfony bundle instead.

fuel-packages/fuel-assetic 10

Asset Management for PHP 5.3

kriswallsmith/BuzzExtension 9

Extensions for PHP 5.3's lightweight HTTP client

kriswallsmith/DbFinderPlugin 5

The DbFinder is a symfony plugin that provides an easy API for finding Model objects, whether the underlying ORM is Propel or Doctrine.

kriswallsmith/Faker 2

The easiest way to generate fake data in PHP.

kriswallsmith/PHP-CS-Fixer 2

Analyzes some PHP source code and tries to fix coding standards issues (PSR-1 and PSR-2 compatible)

kriswallsmith/Alamofire 1

Elegant Networking in Swift