Kristian Perkins kristianperkins 4impact Brisbane, Australia Write failed: Broken pipe

jaysw/ipydb 30

Turn your IPython console into a cross-database SQL client

kristianperkins/dbaudit 4

easily add auditing to your database tables

kristianperkins/ItemSwitcher 1

Bukkit plugin to auto switch between tools as needed when mining.

kristianperkins/aws-codebuild-docker-images 0

Official AWS CodeBuild repository for managed Docker images

kristianperkins/aws-swf-helloworld-spring-intellij-seed 0


kristianperkins/bubs 0


kristianperkins/bullet-train.zsh 0

:bullettrain_side: An oh-my-zsh shell theme based on the Powerline Vim plugin

kristianperkins/click 0

Python composable command line utility

kristianperkins/CommandSigns 0

CommandSigns for CraftBukkit

kristianperkins/conways-game-of-life-computer-craft 0

Conways Game of Life implementation written to work on Computers in Minecraft Mod Computer Craft

issue commentcmderdev/cmder

Add hotkey to switch tabs

CTRL+Tab and CTRL+Shift+Tab are mapped for tab switching


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