Mikhail Trishchenkov kriomant Novosibirsk, Russia

kriomant/mockers 258

Mocking library for Rust

kriomant/ogrep-rs 23

Outline grep — search in indentation-structured texts (Rust version)

kriomant/pocketsphinx-rs 17

Rust wrapper for pocketsphinx

kriomant/markdown-habrahabr 14

Render markdown document into markup

kriomant/buketan 11

Tool for generation of Android image resources from SVG source

kriomant/transmission-unity-launcher 11

Integration of Transmission torrent client with Unity Launcher

kriomant/gortrans 5

Android application to track public transport vehicles in Novosibirsk

kriomant/ogrep 5

Outline grep — search in indentation-structured texts

kriomant/plusher 4

Semantic refactoring-by-example tool for C++

kriomant/panic-context 3

Rust library to show manually-maintained context information on panic


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