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eternaltyro/openstack-advanced-guide 1

OpenStack advanced guide covering, high availability, security, multi-node, seamless addition of components, fault tolerance, replication, etc.

koolhead17/aequitas 0

Bias and Fairness Audit Toolkit

koolhead17/akvo-lumen 0

Make sense of your data

koolhead17/altair 0

Declarative statistical visualization library for Python

koolhead17/athens 0

Open-Source Networked Thought. The Closed Beta is underway! Join the waitlist via Sponsor us to get the beta faster!

koolhead17/awesome-interactive-journalism 0

A list of awesome interactive journalism projects.

koolhead17/bearcart 0

Creating Rickshaw.js visualizations with Python Pandas

koolhead17/bibisco 0

Novel writing software

koolhead17/Blotter 0

A JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web.

fork koolhead17/venture-dealr

Visualize and turn the knobs on venture financing concepts such as dilution, option pools, liquidation preferences, down-rounds, and more!

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