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Nikolay Morev kolyuchiy @yandex Moscow, RU

kolyuchiy/gtv-ui-lib 2

Google TV Web UI Library

3XclusiVe/YMoney 1

Курс "Разработка iOS приложений"

kolyuchiy/jquery-keynav 1

jQuery Keyboard Navigation Plugin

3XclusiVe/iOS_RK1 0

рубежный контроль 1

kolyuchiy/battleship 0

DOS text mode Battleships game

kolyuchiy/bpel-ws-tutorial 0

BPEL and Active BPEL Designer Tutorial

kolyuchiy/cocoapods-packager 0

CocoaPods plugin which allows you to generate a static library from a podspec.

kolyuchiy/Coverflow 0

iOS 6 UICollectionView Coverflow implementation

kolyuchiy/cupertino 0

CLI for the Apple Dev Center

kolyuchiy/dwr-ajax-example 0

Simple DWR AJAX Example