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knewzen/46-simple-python-exercises 0

The solutions to the 46 Simple Python exercises of Torbjörn Lager

knewzen/aabtherapy 0

Single pager for All About Behavior

knewzen/abDetector 0

:no_entry: Vanilla JavaScript AdBlock Detector.

knewzen/AcademApp 0

Android Application for Educational Institutes. App allows seamless login/sign-up using a valid Google account (College mail preferred). Students can login to check their academic details, college buzz, feeds

knewzen/adminRole 0


knewzen/adnoto 0

Ultra-light library to implement observer state management.

knewzen/adonis-mongodb-boilerplate 0

A boilerplate Rest API build on Adonis FW with LucidMongo and swagger-jsdoc