Josh Adams knewter DBA Birmingham, AL Doing some stuff...

christopheradams/elixir_style_guide 3851

A community driven style guide for Elixir

esl/erlang_ale 205

Erlang Actor Library for Embedded -- An embedded framework from Erlang Solutions

adamgamble/github_concern 10

associate github commits with database objects

dailydrip/elmconf-2016 10

ElmConf 2016 Summary

bramswenson/cookbook-rvm 5

You should use rbenv instead of RVM and this a Chef Cookbook for RVM (Ruby Version Manager)

kiba/codename_subnem 5

subspace + eve combo, in javascript, canvas, and html5

baroquon/ansuz_theme_liquid_blue 4

A theme for ansuz

baroquon/ansuz_theme_al_lp 3

A theme for ansuz designed for the Libertarian Party of Alabama.